Are you ready for the future?

With high tech features that leaves ordinary game programs grounded - like 8 bit graphics, progression memory and 4 way action controls - you've got an arcade game to play on your own computer screen!

No, seriously, Escape Pong! is a short adventure/narrative game made in two weeks for the #AdvJam2019.
This is our first game, so let us know what you thought!

Controls (use keyboard or controller)

MoveArrow keysJoystick
Skip dialoguesSpaceA Button
Open MenuEscapeStart Button
Restart LevelR


Sylvain Millot | Programming
Nicolas Millot | Art, Writing, Additional Code
Jeremy Louis   | Music


EscapePong.0.1.3 Windows 32 MB
Game Soundtrack 10 MB
EscapePong.0.1.3 Linux 36 MB

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